Co-Presented by the Bicycle Music Festival;
2 rooms of music
Tea Lounge and Bike Powered Stage

Heather Normandale releases new album Trembling Water at the CENTER - - a conscious community space for music, healing arts and celebration located in the Sacred Heart Church on Fillmore and Oak. This event will include a great line up of music and theatrical performances alternating between the bike powered stage in the bamboo studio and zafu cushion seating in the Tea Lounge. Come in from the cold and warm up!! The event features performances by Mana Maddy, the Genie, Justin Ancheta and Heather Normandale and her band. A few of the songs will be accompanied by a shadow puppet show. You can listen from a bike, from a seat, or dancing along to the sweeping delicious melodies and rich soulful tale-telling.

$15 entryAdvance sales here:
With advance ticket purchase, you get a $5 discount on new Trembling Water CD or digital download. 
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Trembling Water is a collection of songs infused with the intention to enchant the water molecules of your being into harmonious alignment. The theme of the album also plays on various the water analogies, alluding to the creative process (from the subconscious abyss!), seeking models in nature, and acknowledging its as the source of life and formless flow that circulates between us. 

Heather's band this evening will include Paul "Fresh" Martin (Antioquia, Candelaria, Fresh Juice), Craig Miller (Antioquia, Fresh Juice), Nathaniel Markman (Edward Sharp and Magnetic Zeros), Marlon Aldena (Ginger Ninjas) and other special guests. 

Bike Powered sound by Rock the Bike:Co-Presented by the Bicycle Music Festival. The audience, will be the source of energy for most of the night's amplification. Multi-instrumentalist and songstress Madeline Streicek ("Mana Maddy") was born in Quesnel, BC and has been an Oakland, CA local since 2006. Raised on a healthy diet of Maria Callas, Joni Mitchell and Bach suites, these roots show up in her songs as shades of classical, jazz and folk over a doo-wop canvas.

The Genie is an avant garde performing artist and guitar looping innovator; taking a DJ approach to guitar, he is the creator of a live-looping method called 'scratch guitar' and a unique brand of live-remixing called 'g-mixing'. Bringing together a hybrid of genres, he utilizes unconventional live production styles, turntablist techniques, and original looping methods. All of this while manipulating dials on his pedals with his toes, producing uniquely mesmerizing

Justin Ancheta - Raised in the Sierra Foothills of California, Ancheta brings part of the American River with him, sounds that embrace the native people of the land and the lyrics to find direction back to the earth. Press have coined his music to be a mix of folklore with spoken word, described as Folklyrico-Americano. With shows worldwide, this is an opportunity to see Ancheta in the intimate setting to celebrate life with reverence for music and each other.