March 12, 2015

We have a great show in store for you March 27 - here's a little banjo "herstory"

I have a link here to an article by Pete Seeger called "In Praise of Banjo Picking Women" ... I appreciated his accounts of banjo history and commentary that there was a shortage of visual and textual evidence of the history of women with banjos - but in fact there were quite a number of women pickers despite their lack of representation! Above on the left see "Cousin Emmy" from the 1940s and below Lily May Ledford. 

All of this inspired me to put together a show of lady banjo pickers at Awaken Cafe.

Join us for a night of lady-fronted bands featuring both traditionals and original avant-garde banjo music!!

March 6, 2015

Trembling Water featured in an Oakland Water Benefit

I know the word FREE may look misleading for a fundraiser but the restaurant Abura Ya has generously chosen to donate a large percentage of the income from food sales this night to the water benefit. 
Join us and order some dinner to help Oakland's supply of clean water.

In addition to the night's music, the organizers of this event are putting together a CD of music dedicated to water and my song Trembling Water will be featured on this upcoming CD. 

February 22, 2015

Songs on Nature at Studio Grand

Feb. 22. 2015

Studio Grand will be hosting a night of music with Diana Gameros and I

I have a limited number of "Live at Maker Faire - Pedal Powered Music CDs" available for those who walk or bike. My band and a number of talented bay area artists were featured on this CD, which was made at last years Maker Faire in San Mateo and sponsored by Rock the Bike. Listen Here 

Check out who else is going by RSVPing to our FACEBOOK Event

December 1, 2014

Pleasant Revolution - 2014 Make Hawaii More Bike-able Campaign
Its official. 
The crew for the 2014 Make Hawaii More Bike-able Campaign is complete and the Indiegogo Campaign is up and running. You can read below about the our intentions for creating this initiative and hear samples of the music that will be brought to celebrate in the bike festivities around Oahu. These 4 musicians, including myself, will be both sharing individually and collaborating in shows around Oahu's perimeter. Click on performer's names below to visit their websites, and listen to some music samples to the right of each name. I just added a new recording, Mother Sorsene, that will be featured on the Live at the Maker Faire 2014 Bike-Power CD... Check it out first here!!
Diana Gameros - Listen to Ligerita
Maren Metke - Listen to Reaching
This Bicycle Music Tour around Oahu is primarily to encourage more people to bike on the island. Check out the campaign page for more details about whats happening now on Oahu roadways, but its not much biking and its really effecting life on the island for everyone (major traffic jams, hovering smog, more cars than people!). As you will note in the campaign, the entire project is self funded, we are doing it regardless, but your support GREATLY helps us make our efforts go further and really make a difference (for example, getting better promotion, outreach, reaching more people and increasing the possibility of returning with an annual bicycle event every year). We are working with the Hawaii Bike League on music events that aim at influencing the transportation habits of Honolulu to become a little more bike friendly. In time, and with continued efforts to make Bicycle Music events a yearly celebration, we hope that Honolulu will gradually get more bike lanes and bike culture. Even the smallest contribution to our campaign means so much to us!! Your change can help make change!! Throw in a dollar to help keep our wheels spinning!

July 14, 2014

You Are Already Free...

The Passion Co pressents

July Edition of the Passion Celebration

On July 23, from 6- 9:30pm, SHINE will be celebrating the completion of the July Edition of their program where 15 pursue their passions in Shine's support your dreams program. There will be local food, champagne and an exciting line-up of speakers and a musical offering by me!
The key-note speaker for the event is Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man.

J Rusten Furniture Studio
2815 23rd St
San FranciscoCA 94110

Buy Tickets Here: TICKET LINK

May 28, 2014

Hotel Utah

I will be joining Peter Whitehead and Hazy Loper in a solo set
back to connect with some of my mermaid-ish roots at the Hotel Utah
New material will be shared.
I have a new song about extremes of our personalities and the dance between this sun and moon.

Coming in the summer, weddings, vinyard shows, and High Sierra!!
Coming soon is the debut of a new kids music project that my band members and I are creating,
More to come....

If you are interested in discussing the details of a Vinyard or Wedding Concert,

April 10, 2014

                           Latest News!

Thursday, April 17

Acro music and light projection art spectaculo 

with Nikki Borodi and the Heather Normandale Trio 

We are going deep sea diving to the root of your lotus flower

artwork installation by Azael Ferrer 

You wont see the full band in action again until May 9

At the next 

At this event we will be welcoming back Azael Ferrer and his lotus light projection sculptures in an even more interactive display. We will be playing as a 4 piece with an exciting new percussion arrangement between Marlon Aldana and Craig Miller, debuting 2 new songs! 

Further down the line, look for us at the Lake Merritt based 
a brand new grass roots organization of music on the lake. 
May 25 at the South Lake Amphitheater 4pm
more evening music later at Portal, Estrellita and Parkside Lounge.