January 15, 2018

New Single Release!!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of my family - my Mother Sorsorne. This song was a creative fusion between one of my original lyrical songs and a traditional Guinean melody called Sorsorne brought to me by Craig Bravo Miller and his teacher Mohammed Kouyate. The original lyrics are in the Baga language and interestingly refer to daughters thanking their mothers for giving them the tools for life. This version (which is not meant to be a translation) has human beings thanking our mother earth for everything we have. We fall short of paying our thanks every day. You may name your price for the song, all proceeds will be donated to environmental projects!

December 12, 2017


Heather Normandale and Honey of the Heart melt their smooth and vibrant voices together in 
this studio performance of one of Heather's newest songs. "About a Tune" takes inspiration from the musical sounds in the bay area and beyond, with swingy jazz and French pop flavor with an energy you might expect to see in a 90's Betty Boop Halloween cartoon. 

Marlon Aldana on drums, Paul Sounder on double bass and Craig Miller on balafon with guests from Honey of the Heart - Maren Metke on xylophone and vocals and Justin Ancheta on guitar and vocals.

Catch a live show this weekend at the Embrace the Light Chanukah Dance Celebration at the East Bay JCC - - FB EVENT

Stay tuned for a new single that will be released on New Years with a celebration at a Yosemite area lodge!
Thank you Honey of the Heart for adding your harmonies!

Recorded at Soul Graffiti Studios



October 26, 2017

Beauty Way Tour show with Clan Dyken at PLACE for Sustainable Living Nov 12!!

Clan Dyken just released a new CD themed on the fires raging in our world and in our home. Their social and environmental justice themed musical mission continues in a tradition of raising funds annually for the Navajo in Arizona who's homes continue to be threatened by resource extraction.
I had the pleasure of adding harmonies to their CD and will be sharing the bill with them Nov 12.

July 14, 2017

August Tour Dates
Check out our Facebook event page and join to hear about tour updates!
I'm thrilled to be returning to the Pacific Northwest this summer with Honey of the Heart.
We won't be traveling exclusively by bike this time but we will have some bike powered music with us allowing for some exciting spontaneous performances. Check out what we have so far and please be in touch if you want to invite us to your town. We are booking house concerts on some of our days off as well as offering yogic voice workshops during the day time if you'd like to bring the magic to your home. Email us here

Aug 9 - 7-10pm. Cedar Springs, Vashon Island, WA 
Aug 12 - Kind Fest, Snohomish, WA 
Aug 17 - Secret Garden Party, Bellingham, WA
Aug 18 - 7-10pm. Outlander Brewery, Seattle, WA
Aug 19 - 7-10pm. Snapdragon, Vashon Island, WA
Aug 20 - 9am -1pm - Portland Regional Farmers Market, Portland, OR
Aug 21 - Eclipse event - Beaverton, OR - details TBA 
Aug 22 - Vanilla Jill's, Eugene, OR
Aug 23 - Zola's Pizzaria, Brookings, OR
Aug 25 - 7-11pm.  Homecoming House Concert - Soma House, Berkeley, CA
Sept 2 - Squaw Valley Wine Festival, CA  - details TBA
Sept 7 - 7-11pm. Revolution Cafe, San Francisco, CA - Homecoming show!

 New Album in the works at Soul Graffiti Studios

May 23, 2017

New CD, Summer Tour and upcoming local shows...
June 10 - Norton Factory Art Fair with the Willow Steps

AUGUST TOUR with Honey of the Heart 

CD in the works at Soul Graffiti Studios

February 10, 2017

Tiny Desk Concert 2017!!

Early last year I got a head start on this year's Tiny Desk Concert collaborating with Maren Metke of Honey of the Heart on a stripped down version of "I Go Walking," a new single form my upcoming EP. 
Check it out and vote on your favs HERE!!

In the studio again!

I've been at work on a number of projects this winter, after participating in a successful fundraiser for Standing Rock and Tribute to Leonard Cohen, I worked with Honey of the Heart on a cover of my favorite Leonard Cohen Song, Suzanne. What do you think?

Stay in Touch:
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Also stay tuned for info about the next Voice Love Sessions where you can practice aligning your voice with your heart in a fun and meditative workshop! More info to come!!

October 17, 2016

October - November News

I'm working with Soul Graffiti Productions on upcoming shows, new recordings and will be performing in collaboration with a group of fantastic Oakland Musicians 
November 3, the Pleasant Revolution will be bringing the magical bicycle music full circle back to 111 Minna Gallery for a concert and photo exhibit from our recent tour!! Stay tuned for more details about this. 
Plus on November 4th in San Francisco, 
the Beauty Way Tour with Clan Dyken is coming through the bay area and I'll be performing with them to raise funds for the Dine and Navajo in Big Mountain New Mexico in their resistance against the mining operations threatening their home. See more details about these shows below...

Mini Maker Faire
Oct 23 
at Park Day School in San Francisco


Beauty Way Tour 2016
November 4, 7pm 
Tickets: $8-$20 Sliding Scale
At PLACE for Sustainable Living

RSVP at Facebook Event here
Local Artists Heather Normandale and Desirae Harp team up with Clan Dyken for this special event at PLACE in Oakland. All proceeds go toward the Dine people of New Mexico as Clan Dyken makes there way down to them with supplies for the 25th year in a row. This show will have a mix of Folk, lyrical-flow, and great grooves to create an inspiring night of music and dance for you all. PLACE is a great venue where people can learn how community can connect and create sustainability through simple means and creative eco-practices.

About The History of this Tour and events:
2016 Beauty Way Tour and Supply Run is to support Big Mountain Elders and
the Dine’ people who live on land that holds coal, uranium and other resources the outside world uses for fuel. Like the Native Americans now fighting the oil pipelines in North Dakota, the Dine’ have long stood against these practices and warned of the consequences we face if we continue along this path. The Dine’ people have faced intimidation, violence, sanctions, live-stock confiscations, they’ve watched their sacred sites bulldozed, their drinking water wells capped, and elders dragged from their homes. They have been fed lies, broken promises and much more as the pressure continues and threatens to force them from their land. These people live in what some call a “National Sacrifice Area,” adjacent to the world’s largest coal strip mine. There are a few holdouts who have not signed the Accommodation Agreement, a 99-year lease that allows people to stay, but under restrictions and with an end date.

This loss of land, people, language, song, ceremony, healing ways, plants, water and more than we can know, is not just history—it continues today. That’s why members of the band Clan Dyken and our extended family have been going back to Big Mountain every Thanksgiving for 25 years, with donations of food, clothing and firewood. To make this happen, we’ll need your support. We will be holding a fundraiser on November 4th at PLACE in Oakland. Thank you for any contribution you can make on behalf of the Dine’ people.