June 22, 2016

On the road again with Pleasant Revolution 
Biketopia Music Fest Tour
Follow our schedule on pleasantrevolution.org
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May 8, 2016

This Wednesday, come out to dance your face off to some latin-funk, swoon to neo soul folk rock, and have your dreams stirred 
with some crystal bowl sound healing!!! 
Be ready!

Here is our FACEBOOK invite!!! RSVP HERE

April 13, 2016

Spring and Summer :: Shows and Bike Tour !!

Upcoming Shows!

Upcoming Shows!

This summer I will be joining in my 3rd long distance Bicycle Music Tour. We will be picking up the torch from tour founders, the Ginger Ninjas, and continuing the tradition - touring as the Pleasant Revolution with the band Bicicletas por la Paz.  Our tour will span from Vancouver to Oakland, all by bike, with our brand new bike powered sound system!
On April 14 our Indiegogo went live and started picking up speed! Please help us raise the funds we need to get the gear that will help us make this tour fossil fuel free and sustainably vibrant!! 

February 6, 2016

Tiny Desk Concert Entry with Maren Metke

Tiny Desk is back!! With lots of family health crisis happening right now I feel grateful for having a moment to spread some love in the form of music to the world, I hope you enjoy! I was pleased to have the opportunity to participate.

November 27, 2015

Performance Thursday, December 10 
at the PLACE for Sustainable Living 
at 64th and San Pablo across from Actual Cafe
doors at 7pm ~ show at 7:30
opening with Jen Myzel
Miriam Raziel is playing in support 
of her latest CD "Light Warrior,"
Miriam is quite a light warrior herself, 
with an attitude brimming with positivity 
and intentions filled with love, 
I'm proud to be sharing the stage 
with this inspiring and encouraging singer.
 Did I mention Miriam has known me for over 10 years 
and has been a great source support in my many musical endeavors, so I'm delighted to play our first ever show together.
I hope you can join us!

RSVP at our facebook event HERE
Thank you!! It helps!! Thanks for your support!

November 20, 2015

Feeding the Heart Fire Dec 10

That's right! 
Music is a light moving slow enough to ride,
At none other than the PLACE for Sustainable Living,
where inspiring activities take place every week and new models of community blossom.
December 10, 7:30pm

Global warming's balmy December is upon us.
It may not be very cold, but the darkness is apparent.
In the midst of the violence and great loss lately I feel a deeper need to follow the season's heed 
to journey inward and ask some profound questions, 
When do our fellow human brothers and sisters need us the most? And how can I serve a greater good than my own comfort? 
How can we be of service to this earth when it has offered to us our every breath.

Share your space, be in community, share your voice, your food, your resources.
Respect and protect the roots we all have grown from, 
We depend on our world's great diversity. 
It has always been through observing nature we learn great truths about ourselves. 
Everything we know today we have gathered this way and yet if we destroy our planet what more will there be to learn? On what ground will we have to stand? 

Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.
Enjoy the holidays and take opportunities to give and support this beautiful diverse world 
of people and natural spaces who deserve acknowledgement.

Find more info about the upcoming show here:

August 14, 2015

Latest News!!
September... I've been invited to do an Inspiration Series Event at Mountain Yoga near the Oakland Hills. Come for a hike and then for a show:

inspiration series
fire & water
ART remodeling CHAOS
Benefit for Heather Normandale
featuring Heather Normandale, Paul Martin and other surprise guests.
Friday, September 25 - 7 to 8:30 PM, Potluck to follow.

Singer songwriter and beloved Vak Choir Manager Heather Normandale has experienced not one, but TWO fires this year — and turned those experiences into this art. 

Get tickets HERE!! $20 in advance and $30 at the door
Proceeds go to the Heather Normandale Fire and Water Fund

Heather Normandale - accomplished singer songwriter, bandleader, music educator and beloved Vak Choir Manager - has experienced not one but TWO fires this year (yikes!), displacing her from her home and taking a toll on her music instruments and her independent music business work. Never one to miss an opportunity for inspiration, Heather seizes these unfortunate events with an alchemical, Siva-like enthusiasm to creatively revisit her relationship to the art of expression through music. 
The result: this special evening of original music, "Fire and Water: the Art of Remodeling Chaos," featuring songs and stories about making peace with loss, love and self discovery. 
Heather's melodic and rootsy "mermaid folk" features emotive vocals and rolling fingerpicking rhythms on banjo, guitar and mandolin with a rich and satisfying groove. Her original music is imprinted with the landscapes of nature and cultures of India, Africa and South America, laced with lyrics of rare sensitivity. Heather will be joined by Vak Choir member Paul Martin on double bass and other surprise guests. 
Potluck to follow the performance !

May 12, 2015


We are just about to go into the studio to record some new stuff!!

So you might not see us around playing as much this summer, so be sure to come on out to Saturday's show to hear some new songs, surprise special guests and a great line up of music with talented Mindy Dillard and the lovely Amanda West .

We have another Awaken Cafe woman power night coming at you right after mother's day, BRING YOUR MOTHERS!!!! Please, and thank you to all the strong women out there making life happen ;0) The world is indebted to you in ALL the ways you care - not just making babies but in sustaining life, friendships, community, plant and animal life.