July 19, 2018

I'm on tour as we speak with Biketopia Music Collective! New Album Golden Strings will be out in the fall! Catch one of our shows and stay tuned for details about the release!

June 3, 2018

I'll be performing at the Mammoth Yoga Festival as part of SOUL GRAFFITI Productions!! Stoked about this show and the amazing band who will be performing with me!!!
Come check it out and chill in the mountains with us!!

May 3, 2018

 May 4th at the Ivy Room
at San Pablo & Solano Ave in Albany, CA

March 22, 2018

Tiny Desks Everywhere!!!

Check out our latest video 
Tiny Desk Concert 2018!

Hear the Studio recorded version of this song below!!

Our New single!!

January 15, 2018

New Single Release!!

I'm thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of my family - my Mother Sorsorne. This song was a creative fusion between one of my original lyrical songs and a traditional Guinean melody called Sorsorne brought to me by Craig Bravo Miller and his teacher Mohammed Kouyate. The original lyrics are in the Baga language and interestingly refer to daughters thanking their mothers for giving them the tools for life. This version (which is not meant to be a translation) has human beings thanking our mother earth for everything we have. We fall short of paying our thanks every day. You may name your price for the song, all proceeds will be donated to environmental projects!

December 12, 2017


Heather Normandale and Honey of the Heart melt their smooth and vibrant voices together in 
this studio performance of one of Heather's newest songs. "About a Tune" takes inspiration from the musical sounds in the bay area and beyond, with swingy jazz and French pop flavor with an energy you might expect to see in a 90's Betty Boop Halloween cartoon. 

Marlon Aldana on drums, Paul Sounder on double bass and Craig Miller on balafon with guests from Honey of the Heart - Maren Metke on xylophone and vocals and Justin Ancheta on guitar and vocals.

Catch a live show this weekend at the Embrace the Light Chanukah Dance Celebration at the East Bay JCC - - FB EVENT

Stay tuned for a new single that will be released on New Years with a celebration at a Yosemite area lodge!
Thank you Honey of the Heart for adding your harmonies!

Recorded at Soul Graffiti Studios