Trembling Water

Writing and recording the song for Trembling Water was wonderful process, diving to the depths of the creative self and relating to a larger vision of interpersonal connectedness and environmental respect. As an artist, I seek models in nature to answer my questions. With music I hope to go beyond my own pool and access the reservoir of our shared oceanic roots. Through suggestion, encouragement, and inspiration I set intentions for all of us to heal the waters that embody our existence. We are mirrors to each other, we carry and amplify vibrations, we are vessels for this thriving life. Symbolically, water holds the creative visions of our dreams and ignites conductivity for change.

The themes of Trembling Water rise through the muck from the bottom of the lotus pond, into the fluidity of our dreams, through the waters of our birth to facing the chaos of our emotions. With this project, my goal was to make an album of original music contributing to the movement of people-em-powered sound. Not just with bike powered sound (see Bike Touring) but the acknowledgement that we are able to create, propel and thrive with the energy that connects and nurtures all of us as vessels on this earth. 

The record was recorded at a healing arts center around Sai Baba Lake, in Nevada City. The musicians involved in this project included Paul Martin, Joey Chang, Geneva Harris, Andrew McGuire, Anthony Anderson, Evan Fraser, Justin Ancheta, and others. Star van Kreidt kindly donated the cabin space for the recording. Scott McDowell brought equipment up from Hyde Street studio C to the cabin to create a recording filled with the love of the lake and our reflections of this natural space. Wood floors and walls created the sweet home atmosphere of the recording, along with sounds of rain, the wind through the chimes, a chorus of frogs and vocal red-winged blackbirds that graced the vicinity. 
With this project, I created imagery to accompany the CD and screen printed it onto recycled chip board cases, worked with local puppeteers Dennis Eustace and Toni Mikulka on a shadow puppet performance and celebrated the release with a Bicycle Powered Performance at the San Francisco Center. 
Big thanks to all of the kickstarter contributors, the Rock the Bike crew support, and the music community of the bay area.  


Thank You!