New song release and music video drop!

The Raven is a pandemic love story with a happy ending, despite the formidable appearance of the plague doctor's mask, ghostly figures appearing and disappearing, and our association with Edgar Allen Poe's work of existential dread. We may harbor that existential dread, and it might become vivid when the world breaks down in the chaos of what the past 2 years has shown us. But that being said even in the chaos, or possibly especially in the chaos, I am enamored at humanity's adaptability and hunger for meaning. Sometimes people might fall down the wrong rabbit hole, but today I celebrate the way that creativity and the act of falling in love can happen even in dark moments. 
Stay ravenous.
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Heather Normandale and Music InPlace present "Raven."Featuring Honey of the Heart on backing vocals, mandolin, and guitar, Paul Sounder on bass, and Marlon Aldana on percussion, Raven was written, produced, and directed by Heather Normandale.
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