Feeding the Heart Fire Dec 10

That's right! 
Music is a light moving slow enough to ride,
At none other than the PLACE for Sustainable Living,
where inspiring activities take place every week and new models of community blossom.
December 10, 7:30pm

Global warming's balmy December is upon us.
It may not be very cold, but the darkness is apparent.
In the midst of the violence and great loss lately I feel a deeper need to follow the season's heed 
to journey inward and ask some profound questions, 
When do our fellow human brothers and sisters need us the most? And how can I serve a greater good than my own comfort? 
How can we be of service to this earth when it has offered to us our every breath.

Share your space, be in community, share your voice, your food, your resources.
Respect and protect the roots we all have grown from, 
We depend on our world's great diversity. 
It has always been through observing nature we learn great truths about ourselves. 
Everything we know today we have gathered this way and yet if we destroy our planet what more will there be to learn? On what ground will we have to stand? 

Thank you for listening and thank you for your support.
Enjoy the holidays and take opportunities to give and support this beautiful diverse world 
of people and natural spaces who deserve acknowledgement.

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