Trembling Water Album

My newest record, Trembling Water is about to be released. For this recording project I collected songs that had sounds and feelings of a water theme in them; with one foot in the ocean most of my life, I have a keen appreciation for this form filling life giver. We all emerged from the water and over 2/3 of our bodies are aqueous. We mirror each other, carry and amplify the vibrations of our thoughts, we are mediums of growth or can be aquariums of pollution and stagnation. Water holds the creative visions of our dreams. I relate this album to the many wonders of the aquatic because with intention I send my love songs to all existing waters of the world, in you and around you, a blessing to arrange your molecules in the most beautiful of formations. I also hope to inspire awareness of this wholeness we are with one another, being mindful of our waste and responsibility.
In September of 2011, a group of musicians gathered in a lake-side cabin in the Sierra Nevadas to record the songs for this album, and absorb some of the negative ions from this living body of water. The results were great. Take a listen...

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